Marketplace Solutions

Patrick McBane - Executive Director - Marketplace Solutions

Welcome to Marketplace Solutions!

I'm so glad you've taken a few moments to check out our website.  Marketplace Solutions' purpose is to equip leaders of transformation in the marketplace and connect them with spiritual purpose and power to fulfill God's Great Commission.

What if all of a sudden a switch was turned on in the hearts and lives of God’s people; people who are already in positions in various levels of Government – Education and Business; that would propel them into active participation and authority as ministers of God?

Could it be that God is doing that right now and wants to do it at an even greater level?  Could it be that God is orchestrating a release of Kingdom minded individuals who see as God sees, and talk as God talks, and are willing to hold nothing back as it relates to who we are, what we have and ultimately what we do in taking the marketplace and our Cities for God?

I invite you to join an ever growing network of ministers in the marketplace who are doing just that.