Author: Patrick McBane Created: 6/11/2009 4:25 AM
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The Call to Influence!

All of us at some level have heard of or been talking about ‘Spheres of Cultural Influence’ or the‘7 Mountains of Cultural Influence’.  If you haven’t heard of these recent terms then I encourage you to do some research.  Here’s a video teaching link from Lance Wallnau that should help considerably.

Even early on when I launched Marketplace Solutions almost 6 years ago we talked about spheres of influence and the marketplace being made up of a combination of business, government and education.  So, why am I talking about these now?  Primarily because they continue to be a significant part of our Christian landscape and dialogue; and secondly and more to the point – I believe most of us are not sure where to start engaging when it comes to our own sphere of influence.

Here’s the bottom line

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Harvest Time!

What if you knew that there was a place where you could cultivate a rich relationship with God and fulfill divine purpose and potential simultaneously? There is and it's in His Harvest field.

"The harvest is plentiful, but... the laborers are few. Therefore, ask the Lord..." Luke 10:2

Here is your assignment!...

Remove the Limitations

The biggest limitation God has is our own thinking. He is more hindered by stinking thinking than anything else. If someone is having a problem experiencing God's presence it is not because God has gone anywhere. It is because people have gone somewhere other than to Him. God does not change. Only man is prone to change. God wants to transform our thinking in such a way that we can believe Him for anything, everything, anytime and anywhere!

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 A Tire Shop waiting room turns into a Sanctuary

It all happened in the waiting room of a Tire Shop. It started by over hearing the owner on the phone with a customer. Their conversation was more than just about tires or an oil change. The owner clearly said, – “I’ll be praying for you.”

Were the words – “I’ll be praying for you” – just some subliminal messaging that created the atmosphere for the next two encounters or was this a demonstration of exercising authority and jurisdiction in a sphere of influence?

I argue that it was the latter. The way of the Kingdom is in large part the realm of permissions. In other words – what we allow and what we refuse or stop. Is there a precedent for this scripturally? Take a look –

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A key part of transformational leadership is demonstrating and constantly communicating vision. Not vision as in foresight, but vision as in a clearly articulated picture of a desired future. 

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Inside – Out
Have you noticed how fear has become a predominant emotion in many over the last few years? 
When I think of fear I realize there are two distinct types of fear that are at play –
One; the Fear of man and, Two - the Fear of God. Fear of man creates a prison. It’s a virtual lock down that moves from the inside out. First, something enters into our view finder that creates a thought process that has the capacity to immobilize us. It causes us to retreat not advance. It causes us to focus on our circumstance rather than the process. 

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What would happen if we - started to respond to God, before we react to men?  This is a simple process, but not easy.  Our ability to respond to God is in direct correlation to who we take our cues from.  Who do you identify with most?  God or man?

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Life Transformation – Version 2.011
God has an upgrade for you. Your current version is no longer compatible with His OS (Operating Spirit). 
The following is a personal description of the current system and a simple, but not easy download available to you for this upgrade. I say simple, because it’s not complicated. I say, not easy, because it will require a full surrender of the current OS (Operating Spirit) in order for the new OS to take over.
It sounds exciting doesn’t it? Actually, you may feel as if your current version of life is operating just fine. An upgrade at this particular time may be extremely inconvenient. One of the hardest things to...

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Building Capacity for God 

...going back to the foundation of what we believe and why we believe it is essential when other foundations are being shaken … and found inadequate.  Do we really believe what God has said about Who He is and who we are in relationship to the calling He has on our lives? 

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Mind the Gap

The Sunday-Monday gap widened long ago. Narrowing it will require us to state a clear strategy, identify effective tactics, and then stick to them intentionally. This is just one strategy that I think we can implement.
To equip workplace-ready disciples that will mesh Sunday with weekdays by:
The members of Christ's body invest far more time in the scattered than in the gathered mode. They're called to do the bulk of their serving "out there.” So it only makes sense that we practice gathering in ways that prepare us for effective service when we scattered. Notice the word "mesh” in the strategy statement. Unless two gears mesh, they have no effect on each other. When they do mesh, each remains what it is. To mesh is not to morph. But for gears to carry out their purpose, the teeth of each must extend into the other.

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I was reared in a Christian home, the son of a wonderful Southern Baptist pastor, and came to Christ at the age of ten. I was called to the ministry at seventeen while attending a conference at Ridgecrest, attended a Southern Baptist College in North Carolina, pastored my first church at the age of 21, and... have done a lot of Southern Baptist stuff in the Name of Jesus as a Baptist pastor and minister. There was one area in which I completely missed the boat. So if I had the last twenty-five years to do over again…

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