Author: Patrick McBane Created: 6/11/2009 4:25 AM
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We live and work in a world that is under threat. Believe it or not - 85 - 90 % of those threats are fear based and not valid. So what are these key threats and how do we navigate them?

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Creating a Contagious Culture for Growth 

Whether things are working or not – great leaders are always asking the tough questions.

What’s next?  Where do we grow from here?  How are we doing with what we’ve already put in place?  Is it working?

When you’re sick – no one wants to be around you – lest you be contagious and pass on the germs or infection you carry.

What would happen if we... 

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I had a similar discussion with two different leaders around communication.  Both of them consider themselves good communicators.  Unfortunately the picture they have of themselves as a communicator and the one their teams have of them is different.  So I posed this question to them – ‘Have you ever thought something so clearly in your mind that you inadvertently operated / moved forward as if you had actually communicated (had the conversation) with everyone / or the key person associated with that ‘clear thought’?   They both said, 

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A real paradigm shift

For years I didn't think I was enough. I didn’t think life worked. I didn’t think God was for me. All of which caused me to overcompensate and / or withdraw in every area. To reach, strive, angst and doubt in almost every expression of who I was. At the heart of this dilemma were...

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 What’s troubling you today?

Trouble - a :  to agitate mentally or spiritually; to produce physical disorder in; to put to exertion or inconvenience <I'm sorry to trouble you>; to put into confusion; to become mentally agitated

So what’s troubling you today?

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On one side of permissions is what we allow / permit.  On the other side of permissions is what we withhold / or forbid.

The difficulty in understanding the realm of permissions (Kingdom Living) is that we have a human nature that pulls us away from its blessings.  That human nature bends toward temporary and unsatisfactory substitutes.  It is influenced by the tyranny of the urgent.  Eventually this will cause trouble for us.  



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 One of the things that I've determined since I've been traveling abroad and now back here in the US, is that the world is in the midst of an identity crisis and whoever wins the identity battle will win the day.


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Grafted In

There’s a unique dynamic a play in our world today.  Everyone wants freedom, respect and fair treatment, and provisional blessings.  Unfortunately this dynamic cannot be achieved outside of relationship.

Let me explain…

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Transformation Word of the Day – “Exchange”

Exchange - the act or process of substituting one thing for another;

Most of us – including me – spend an unnecessary amount of time fighting against perceived or known obstacles. Those obstacles typically start with our thoughts. When we fight against negative thoughts – essentially we spend additional time focusing on the very thing we’re trying to get rid of.

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Choices Ahead!

Here in the West – (for some of us) the first choice we make in the morning is what to have for breakfast. You see it’s complicated! Right? I mean I open the cupboard and I’m immediately overwhelmed. There are four different kinds of cereal to choose from - Ah…Choices!

Choices or Options should be empowering. If they become overwhelming...

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