Dealing with Life Deficits

My wife and I had an interesting conversation recently.  She teaches some of the poorest students in the greater Columbus area how to read through a specialized program.  She often says – ‘Feelings Rule‘.  One of the challenges in shifting a poverty situation (any area; mental, physical, spiritual, relational – that is under resourced) is dealing with both the mindsets and the realities associated with lack. Our conversation was around how individuals who live in poverty are often taken advantage of by those who don’t – simply because they don’t see a way out.

I have said for sometime – Poverty is a mindset long before it’s a condition.  Conditions have a sense of inevitable permanence unless presented with opportunity.  Meet a felt need – and you can shift the mind of just about anyone.  Teach someone how to continue to meet that need and you bring transformation into their lives.  Teach them how to teach, train and equip others – and now you have community and cultural shifts that last for generations.

Let’s look at how this effects our identities – no matter what your status in the world may be, every point of inadequacy in our lives can cause us to over-compensate.  When we overcompensate we express ourselves from a place of deficit.  Deficit, lack, inadequacy are often lies or shame based positions of inferiority.  When we live out of need – whether that need is for acceptance, security or significance – that need causes a demonstration of inferior practice.   

“When truth is blurred by lies and misinformation, perception becomes reality and all is lost.” – unknown

I personally don’t believe all is lost.  As a matter of fact – my reality proves the exact opposite most days.  I made a decision years ago to stop over-compensating and start believing and receiving.  There is a dormant truth resident in every one of us because we have been created in God, by God and for God.  This truth has a reality that is often missed.  Missed in part because we strive for / work for – something that is given not acquired. We categorize success from one point on the continuum and God categorizes it from another.  

Our significance emphasis is placed on what we do and God’s significance emphasis is placed on who we be.

This information and truth can change our perception.  Our perception can make room for a reality that brings a surplus, abundance and purpose. When we live out of abundance and purpose – it causes a demonstration of life fulfillment. I’m not sure where your deficit is today – but I can tell you that there is a Source that has and will address all of your needs according to His riches today.