Partnering to Touch our World

Our Partners make our work happen.  In order to continue to impact the world around each of us – we must collaborate.  It’s far more important to do something together then it is to just do something.

“If you want to go fast – go alone.  If you want to go far – go together!”

Here are some of the partners helping to make our mission possible

GBS Corp. is a founding partner with Marketplace Solutions.  We have helped to create a strong leadership culture in cooperation with core team members over the last 10 years. This partnership has help create a working prototype for leadership development and biblical principles that impacts the lives of employees inside and outside of the company.

Transformational Leadership is a proprietary leadership training that MPS has now integrated into its primary offering that makes our mission possible.

We are thankful for this unique, life changing material and how it is contributing to our work here and around the world.