MPS first engaged and served leaders in the Philippines in 2014.  The leaders we worked with embraced TL and the tools in ways that created a fast pace adoption and eventual partnership with several key organizations.

One partnership is with – APNTS – Asian Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary.  Within a year we created a 3 year Leadership Training and Development Strategy that has developed over 500 specific leaders and influenced thousands.

Meet some of our team

Stephen Gualberto, Ernalyn Longcop-Fausto, Sean Tinio

TL Philippines Team

Stephen Gualberto

TL Facilitator, Pastor, Teacher, Field Director

Rev. Stephen Gualberto is currently serving as the Field Strategy Coordinator (Field Director) for the Church of the Nazarene Philippines-Micronesia.  He is also the Senior Pastor of GMA Church of the Nazarene in Cavite. He is known to many as Pastor Bong or Kuya Bong.

Prior to his current assignment, he served as Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, and then as International Program Director for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries International in Kansas, USA. He is a graduate of Philippine Nazarene College where he took Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Bachelor of Science in Christian Education. He took his M.A. in Education at Philippine Christian University, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

He is married to Ma. Theresa Gualberto.  They have two children, Hadassah and Orvi.

Ernalyn Longcop-Fausto

TL Facilitator, Teacher, Developer

Ernalyn is passionate about developing others to become the person that God wants them to be and sees potential in every person that she encounters.  She is the wife to a Nathanael Fausto (civil engineer) and a mother to one amazing kid, Rane. They both are Pastor’s kids and have been faithfully serving the Lord in their specific fields.

Ernalyn has been serving the World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific as the supervisor of New Media department for 8 years.  WMC-AP is the media arm of the Church of the Nazarene. She works as a Web Developer and a Graphic Designer. She also develops mobile applications.

In 2015, Ernalyn first attended TL. Her training with Transformational Leadership has contributed much of what she has as a leader and as a person. Her experience of applying and making the TL Tools part of her family, work and ministry life has changed her and her environment as well.

Sean Tinio

TL Facilitator, Musician, Audio Engineer, Consultant

If there is only one thing that Sean would want people to remember about him, it’s that; “He lived a life of purpose that pointed people to Jesus Christ.”  Sean currently serves as an audio productions consultant for WM Communications Asia-Pacific and Regional IT Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Resource Center. Prior to this, he served as an audio productions supervisor for more than 7 years and had the privilege of being part of overseeing the production of multiple media projects that are being used to touch lives around the world. Clients include life transforming organizations like One Hope, World Vision, and Biblica. Sean is married to Che Tinio and they have two kids, Zildjian and Sabiane.