Timothy Figley – Board, Partner

Meet Timothy Figley.  

Tim Figley is an entrepreneur, speaker, leadership consultant, and highly experienced organizational strategist.  For over a decade he has empowered individuals, and organizations to achieve their dreams and create greater value in their Communities.    

After speaking to hundreds of individuals, within organizations and communities, Tim has learned that for maximum fulfillment, value creation is not merely an organizational concept.  It is an identity that each person embodies day in and day out to add value to the people around them.  This persistent and giving mindset is what makes them a value creator.  And with thisunderstanding, he co-created Value Creators a Strategic Consulting Firm, where he works with business leaders and non-profit directors to help bring a value-creation mindset to the entireorganization.  

He does this through Leadership Coaching, Strategy Facilitation, Team Building Retreats, Mastermind Groups, Workshop Events, and Public Speaking.

Tim has also worked to create value in the world by volunteering his time in places as far away as Africa and as close to home by teaching his kids in their sports and youth group.  As a coach, Tim believes he must continue to better himself to better those that he serves.   He has an MBA from Bakke Graduate University.  He is currently working on his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership.

Tim has been on the Board of Directors for Marketplace Solutions since 2016.