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Marketplace Solutions

On Mission to Equip, Connect, and Mobilize a generation of Transformational Leaders!

The marketplace is the cradle of influence in every nation around the world and we believe that once marketplace leaders are recognized and released as God’s agents of transformation, then the marketplace will change.

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Join us on August 12th for a day of global impact!

Our Services

Public & corporate training

Public and corporate training programs are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees, whether in a public setting or within a specific organization.

Team & individual development

Team and individual development initiatives focus on fostering personal and collective growth within an organization.

Executive & entrepreneur round tables

Executive and entrepreneur round tables are forums that bring together experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Cultural change programs

Cultural change programs aim to transform and evolve the culture within an organization, promoting new values, behaviors, and attitudes to align with a desired vision or mission.

On Mission to Equip, Connect, and Mobilize a generation of Transformational Leaders!


To equip people to understand and fulfill their roles as agents of transformation


To connect them with resources and relationships


To mobilize them to fulfill God’s Great Commandment & Great Commission by facilitating transformation in individuals and nations.

Join Us to Help us Raise up Transformational Leaders who can Teach - Train & Equip other Transformational Leaders

Our focus is on teaching, training, and equipping these leaders so that they can become leaders who do the same in every relationship.

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December 8, 2023/

Trust and Do. Dwell and Feed.  “Trust [rely on and have confidence] in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the…

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On Mission to Equip, Connect, and Mobilize a generation of Transformational Leaders!


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