About Us

We are a ministry for Marketplace Transformation.

Marketplace Solutions has several objectives including successful business practices, the integration of work and faith, economic development, spreading the gospel, transforming nations and transforming lives. Yet, Marketplace Solutions is not characterized by any of these alone. Marketplace Solutions equips people to become who God created them to be with purposeful expression in all their relationships.

Marketplace Solutions was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. We are a ministry for Marketplace Transformation. As a non-profit ministry we work side by side with individuals and organizations to bring lasting change and connect them with spiritual purpose and power to fulfill the Great Commission.

Marketplace Solutions helps individuals to be about God’s business of bringing the love of God to others.

How do we do what we do?

Marketplace Solutions offers a unique yet powerful set of platforms that bring lasting change to people and organizations. These platforms are designed to equip people to understand and fulfill their roles in the marketplace as agents of transformation.

What & How

  • Transformational Leadership [TL] – Consulting, Training
  • TL International – dedicated to serving emerging leaders in emerging countries around the world
  • Executive Exchange – Leadership growth, accountability groups
  • Personal Transformation Quests – Life Coaching
  • Marketplace Prayer and Prayer Evangelism
  • Company Dedications and On-site Intercession
  • Marketplace Equipping Seminars – Training and Connecting

Marketplace Solutions is propelled by three objectives: 1) To equip people to understand and fulfill their roles as agents of transformation in the marketplace, 2) To connect them with resources and relationships, and 3) To mobilize them to fulfill the Great Commission by facilitating transformation in individuals and communities.

Our Mission

To equip and release marketplace leaders and professionals who will facilitate social, economic and spiritual transformation in individuals and communities.