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On Mission to Equip, Connect, and Mobilize a generation of Transformational Leaders!

How do we Equip?

Marketplace Solutions offers a unique set of opportunities that equip us for lasting change. These opportunities are designed to equip people to understand and fulfill their roles in every facet of life, but most importantly in the marketplace. Equipping leaders to implement solutions that are designed to create transformative outcomes is our goal.
Our primary focus is on developing leaders of leaders. We use a proprietary training called Transformational Leadership Training – www.transformlead.com
The power of TL is its ability to Identify and Remove the Personal and Process Constraints that keep individuals and organizations from being healthy, productive and profitable. The other power associated with TL is that it has the ability to translate culturally in many settings around the world.

How do we Connect?

The only way to build a transformational culture is to define and declare the values you want and need. As my culture intersects with others – we either reinforce or diminish those values together. Therefore, community is essential. We develop various forms of communities with this in mind.

  • Executive Exchange – Leadership growth & accountability groups. These business groups or used to allow for peer-to-peer support and improvement.
  • TL Cohorts – these cohorts are communities initiated around the proprietary TL training and build cohesive expressions that help members to grow exponentially.

How do we Mobilize?

The only way to extend influence is to mobilize. As leaders we are always influenced and influencing. Taking that influence in a positive, proactive way into our various roles and relationships is part of how our training impacts the future.

  • TL International – Developing leaders in emerging countries around the world
  • Marketplace Equipping Seminars – Training, Connecting, Mobilizing

Start the Conversation

Whether you’re a customer with a query or a visitor with a suggestion, your input matters to us, and we’re here to listen and assist. Don’t hesitate to start the conversation today, because together, we can build better solutions and foster stronger connections.

On Mission to Equip, Connect, and Mobilize a generation of Transformational Leaders!


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