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The marketplace is the cradle of influence in every nation around the world and we believe that once marketplace leaders are recognized and released as God's agents of transformation, then the marketplace will change.  When the marketplace changes, our cities will change.  And when our cities change, not just spiritually, though that is our primary goal, but economically and socially then we will have stepped into the calling on each of us to fulfill the Great Commission.


Dealing with Life Deficits

Dealing with Life Deficits

Every point of inadequacy in our lives can cause us to over-compensate.  When we overcompensate we express ourselves from a place of deficit.  Deficit, lack, inadequacy are shame based positions of inferiority.  When we live out of need - whether that need is for acceptance, security or significance - that need causes a demonstration of inferior practice.  

Why aren't I experiencing more?

There must be more! - Why aren't I experiencing more?

Have you ever wondered why you're not experiencing 'more'? More - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control over situations that seem to occur over and over again? What if your

Perspective - Patience - Precision

Perspective - Patience - Precision

We live in an age where Perspective, Patience and Precision must be cultivated in a way that allows us as Christ followers to see what God sees, in order to adapt, yield and receive what God has for us, so that we can strategically advance the grace and goodness of God to others.

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